Free Online Poker Guide to How to Bluff and Semi bluffing the pot

To bluff in a poker game means to bet or raise when you do not have a very good hand to fool your opponents into folding, even if they have a better hand is a very important skill that is the most important poker even if it is just free online poker games, especially when the ambition to advance poker.Why high stakes, it is important to be able to bluff? Well, this is the first reason that you win the pot with maps others.But worse than it is a second reason, more refined. You bluff sometimes lose to improve your chances of winning big pots later if you really want to have the best hand. These failed Bluffs can have a positive effect, that they make other players think you’re bluffing with a bad hand and you can call us if you indeed have a strong hand. But you have to balance when you bluff too much, your opponents will always call you and you get your bet lose money. if you never bluff, if you have good cards and increase the pot, fold your opponents and win pot.But a small stand up if you can do it right and bluff with the right frequency, you make your opponent uncertain and force bad decisions .. Ways to Improve Your Poker bluffing skills: 1) When bluffing in limit games. On limit tables you can not increase as much your bet and your opponent can easily call this a No Limit Texas Holdem game.2) you need to study your opponent. If there is a lot of good players are logical then your chances are low, you should probably look for another table.This is true because the bets have strong players respect the opponent and the right to discipline their cards even fold with a mean hand. do not get weaker players, however, they do not want you to maybe bluff or can you only curiosity.3) do call us to build a reputation on your table. They want, so they are not sure about your motives at all times, that they doubt! For example, you can start the tournament with a lot of bluff, so that your opponents call a lot and you can win the big pots when you have the right cards. Or call ny begin only with strong cards (AK, AQ, high pairs, etc.). Later you will be able to bring in some bluffs with weaker hands, because they think now that you have good cards.4) Your position is crucial and in general it is good to call when you are in the final positions are close to the dealer, since you have more information about your opponents.5) Practice! Start on free online poker sites to improve your skills in an environment that does not punish you financially.5) Learn to do the semi bluff. In the semifinals, hope you bluff bet they do not fold your cards, but perhaps good enough to win the pot when the turn and river are good. This occurs, for example, if you flush 4 / 5, or 4 / 5 straight, or in rare cases, if you have Ace-high.Look in a semi-bluff example, you have 9 and 10 of hearts and The flop is Q-hearts, 4 clubs and 7-hearts.In not this case have the best hand. Your opponent has a 3 and 4, which is usually very weak pre-flop but in this case, he better chance.So you try to make a semi-bluff, because you can have 4 hearts and almost every bet and your opponent starts think about what to do.He has only a couple, and very low. He thinks, I have a few chances to win .. only a pair of 4s. He is betting he probably has the question. or 7 .. Hm, let’s use the other hand to try, and the fold comes.And even if your opponent calls, the turn or river, a heart, so you maintain a good chance of semi-bluff is also win.The Semi-bluff  is useful, to include losses. For example, the situation is the same top (you 9h-10h, Flop Qh-7h-4c), and you decide to bet.If opponent is weak, he will probably fold. But if your opponent has the Q, if you do not bet, a bit is, he probably bet a higher amount of chips to suit you, and you are unsure of what they do. Call fold with 4 / 5 or Flush? But to see the next card, you have more chips in the pot than if you bet you bet first.If a small amount of chips to call your opponent probably succeeding, and with the buy a few more cards chips. How to defend against a possible bluff? There are not many choices. You can accept the challenge, or you can have fold.v Therefore bluff and semi-bluff is a very powerful weapon.My last suggestion: If you accept the challenge, restrict you choose, call rarely a good decision. You should raise, let your opponent think, Well, it’s better to stay relaxed, my opponent has good map To good to bluff and semi-bluff, you need to play a lot of poker .. If poker is a new game for you or if you do not bluff much, before I made up first practice advice on free poker sites. The can grow as skills and bankroll to move up to real money.

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