Poker Clothing for Players

I remember sitting in a lecture at University and being told by the tutor that he could tell what course people took depending on the clothes they were wearing. He claimed he could even tell a course like Management and Law rather than the obvious choices such as music. Identifying a music student is not so difficult as the music students generally have long hair and ripped jeans with a guitar case over their shoulder, but it is true that Basketball fans, rock fans and (of course) poker players all represent their interests both in their pursuit of their activity and in the way they dress. It is part of fitting into the accepted social circle of your interest, subconsciously and consciously we all work to be accepted as part of the community. I will assume that, like me, you enjoy watching Poker on TV and you will note that sunglasses in particular are a big deal to poker players. Most players look to be wearing sunglasses as part of their overall look and the individuality of some players (search for a picture of Jack Arama on Google) is based largely on their unique choice of eyewear for poker. Specific sites exist to sell sunglasses to poker players. The ironic thing is these sunglasses, designed to protect our eyes from harmful sun rays, will almost exclusively be worn whilst indoors playing poker! I am sure, however, that the companies selling $1000+ models to rich young poker players do not bear a grudge. I did a quick search online and discovered that entrepreneurs have spotted the niche. They understand that poker players have distinct requirements and style and there are a range of clothing companies specialising in clothes particularly of interest to poker players. For example in any other aspect of society hooded tops, known as hoodies, would be worn only by the groups of primarily young men not waiting on street corners to assist the Police in their pursuit of safety in the community. In poker, however, largely thanks to the erratic use of the hooded top by the “Unibomber” Phil Laak these tops are now targeted to poker players by savvy clothing companies. Caps are also big business for poker clothing companies. I noticed that three of the poker clothing companies I visited online had specific sections for men, woman and caps. We can therefore assume that they sell really well in the poker community if they have their own section. Being the quirky characters poker players are there are also many types of Polo shirts available bearing risqué slogans such as “My Wife Thinks I’m Shopping” and other, sometimes more shocking slogans. Before we part, I have some serious advice regarding poker clothing. Poker is a game played in close proximity to your opponents and therefore personal hygiene is very important. You can literally feel the heat when making a tough decision so always carry some deodorant or a change of shirt for during breaks. It makes you feel better and if you are prone to sweating you do not want your opponents loudly pronouncing you smell in the middle of a hand, particularly if Michelle Orpe, Kara Scott or Liv Boaree are playing at your table! Your clothing choices should be comfortable, with not too many layers. It is rare that a poker room is very cold I have found so a sweatshirt is usually not necessary. My personal choices would be some cool sunglasses, perhaps a cap, a cool T Shirt and airy trousers with comfortable shoes. If you feel hot, sweaty and uncomfortable you will find it very hard to play your ‘A’ game. That does not mean you do not have to look good and the fashion conscious among you will have hours of fun scouring the many poker clothing stores popping up online with lots of poker related clothing. Image is important in poker too!